Tech Programs


A quick guide to our signature technology programs, courses and clubs:



Computer Science Program


Computer Essentials Course (for freshmen and up)

Learn fundamental computer skills that prepare students for high school and beyond.


Introduction to Java Course (for juniors and up)

Learn the popular programming language that powers Netflix, Amazon and Android.


Introduction to Visual Basic Course (for juniors and up)

Discover how Windows PCs are programmed and learn how to write your own Windows software.


iHaX Club (for freshmen and up)

IT Help at Xavier is a club in which you can work directly with Xavier’s Director of Systems Technology and learn real-world IT skills.


AP Computer Science Principles (for sophomores and up) 

Want to have a jump on your future college classmates? This course, which focuses on vital computer skills, is designed to be the equivalent of a first semester introductory college computing course. Students will learn how to use different tools so they can analyze and study data, and they will also become skilled at working with large data sets. Before they know it, they will be able to draw important conclusions from various trends. 



Engineering & Robotics Program


Honors Engineering I Class (for sophomores and up)

Hands-on projects in Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil, Marine and Electrical Engineering.


Honors Engineering II Class (for sophomores and up)

Prepare for college by diving deeper into Structural & Mechanical Engineering.


Honors Engineering III Class (for sophomores and up)

Continue to prepare for college with a focus on Electrical Engineering.


Robotics Team (for freshmen and up)

This club allows students to program and build robots that compete in FIRST Robotics Competitions. Xavier annually wins awards at New England District Events, such as the Entrepreneurship Award in 2019 and 2020, the District Engineering Inspiration Award in 2018 and 2019, and the Chairman’s Award in 2018.


Engineering Team (for freshmen and up)

This club allows students to learn 3D printing and drone piloting. Also, students compete in the Real World Design competition. Xavier has a history of doing well in that competition, winning the international championship and the national championship in Washington, D.C., in 2018. Xavier also won national RWDC titles in 2011, 2012 and 2016.



Esports Programs


The 2019-20 school year was the second for Esports in Connecticut. Xavier capped of an unbeaten season to win the Rocket League title in 2020, defeating Newton High School 4-0 in a best-of-seven series at Central Connecticut State University. It was the Falcons’ second Rocket League title in a row. Xavier also won the Smite title in the 2019-20 school year. Xavier also competes in the League of Legends, all PlayVS leagues.



Multimedia Classes


Accelerated Multimedia I: TV Broadcasting

Multimedia I is a semester course introducing the craft of story-telling through news and sports broadcasting. Students examine the influence and ethical use of media as tools of communication and entertainment in the modern age. Students employ multimedia technology and software in a collaborative, creative, and studio-like news environment. They collaborate with XTV and XTV Live to produce a variety of news and sports programming broadcasts for available Xavier mediums such as the Kestrel, XTV, XTV Live, TV monitors, and social media accounts.


Accelerated Multimedia II: Photography & Cinematography

Multimedia II is a semester course introducing the art and craft of story-telling through photography and cinematography. Students examine the influence and ethical use of media as tools of communication and entertainment in the modern age. Students employ multimedia technology techniques and software related to photography and cinematography and apply them to  projects such as original movies, film shorts, commercials. Qualifying projects will be published through Xavier’s available platforms such as XTV, XTV Live, and the school’s TV monitors and various social media accounts.


Note: Multimedia classes and e-sports are working with new computers focused on high-end graphics.  The school's internet access has more than doubled in capacity and speed, and an upgraded WiFi network is being installed.