Alumni Testimonials

“Xavier is a place where so many memories are created and lifelong friendships developed. It is a second family where accomplishments are celebrated by the community, and support during times of need is afforded to all.”


Tony Jaskot ‘69, a teacher, coach and athletic director at Xavier for more than 40 years.



“The high standards set forth by Xavier more than prepared me for college and future successes beyond as a Xavier man. The faces have changed since my days at Xavier, but every time I walk in that building I am home.” 


Bernie Hallums ‘81 spent 33 years as a Manchester Police Officer  


"I'd say I'm more eager to branch out and experience new things than I was in my freshman year. If I had not gone to Xavier, I certainly would not have had access to crew or ultimate frisbee. I probably would not have joined chorus or auditioned for theater, both of which left me with some of my favorite memories over the last four years. Being at Xavier not only gave me the chance to have these new experiences, but more importantly the supportive community gave me a confidence to pursue them that I may not have had otherwise. And now that I'm going off to college, I'm ready to continue exploring!"


Liam Sheely '22, reflecting on his Xavier days shortly before graduation



“Xavier was instrumental in my growth as a man. This school helped me understand what it means to be accountable for my actions and the choices I make and to be disciplined in my approach to excellence.” 


Joe DeRing ‘96 served in the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan and owns Empower Leadership & Adventure Center, which has a location in Middletown.  



"Our teachers used to tell us that we were Xavier men 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that we had an obligation to uphold the standards that came with it.  It's a tradition that still inspires me and that I still work to live up to." 


Brandon Trama ‘02 is a former Green Beret who served in Iraq, has an MBA from Wharton Business School and works in New York City.