"Families Helping Families" $100,000 Challenge

Student Activities Council President Ryan Solomon had just finished recording a message on Tuesday for a new campaign that will raise money for financial aid. During these challenging days of COVID-19, every dollar has an impact. Without financial aid, some students simply could not attend Xavier.

For the past two decades, Xavier students have been participating in the "Students Helping Students" Ad Drive that raised thousands of dollars to support the financial aid program, which has had a huge impact on the lives of countless students and families, past and present.  Last year Xavier awarded more than $1,000,000 in financial aid.

This year, the Ad Drive will become the “Families Helping Families” $100,000 Challenge.  The Advancement Office, in collaboration with the Alumni Association and Home & School Association, will work with students, alumni, and families to collectively meet the $100,000 goal.

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It was the second time in four days that Solomon had represented Xavier. On Saturday Solomon and other SAC members went to Crystal Lake in Middletown to help hand out candy in a drive-through Halloween event in which local businesses set up displays. Parents drove around, stopping at the booths while everyone stayed in the car.

“It was nice to see a bunch of kids come through,” Solomon said. “It was a good opportunity to hand out candy in place of a tradition Halloween that may not happen, and good to see the kids with the face-to-face interaction some are missing.”

Solomon is enjoying his duties as SAC president, whether it be helping to organize movie nights in the back parking lot at school or being the face of Xavier at a community event such as the one at Crystal Lake or a voice on behalf of the school in the “Families Helping Families $100,000 Challenge” slide show that was shown by the faculty to students on Wednesday. He spoke of the importance of financial aid and encouraged his fellow schoolmates to go out and do their part.  

“It has been a great experience being president,” Solomon said.

Xavier allows students to grow, but first you have to get in the door. Financial aid allows some students that chance.

Wrote one who received financial aid this year: “My family has hit hard times of late … However, your assistance has allowed me to remain at Xavier for this final year … having to leave for my last year would have been heartbreaking. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support has meant the world to both me and my family. Xavier is my home away from home, and there is no place I would rather be.”