Thinking ... Feeling ... Writing ... A Sketch In Time

Ever wonder what a grain of sand goes through in its lifetime? Probably not, but Chris Jacy ’22 writes about it.

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and some Xavier students write about Christmas in such a way.

And as we all have experienced, there were many things not so wonderful about 2020, and our students wrote about that, too, as COVID-19 dominated the world. Yet in some of these poems optimism comes through.

And there are dreams of what might have been by some authors.

The winter edition of Sketches, the literary magazine of Xavier High School, has been published and included about 50 pieces from Xavier students. Sketches is edited and produced by English teacher John McGrath, the moderator of the on-line magazine. 

A few excerpts follow; for all of the poems click here.

A Grain of Sand, Chris Jacy ‘22

Being a grain of sand is not too fun

People step on you every day

You are packed in like sardines in the hot sun

The sun beats down on you like the feet that trample you every day. 

He goes on to write about that grain of sand hoping to be released into the ocean. Be careful what you wish for, though. That grain of sand gets its wish. As it drifts to the bottom, it sees only darkness and yearns to be back on that beach, bathed in light.

COVID 19, Caiden Olmstead '24

The road ahead is not lucid.

But after dark there is always a shining bright light.

The time is coming soon when this horrible beast will be slain.

And will not come back.

But till then, keep your masks on.

Cheers To 2021, Dylan Reynolds '22

We remember that there is always a future. No matter what goes on during a year, there is always the next. Cheers to 2021

Winter In My Mind, Eddy Gonzalez ‘22

The author thinks back to what this time of year means to him: snowboarding.

But this year I cannot go

Due to the plague infecting the world

So all I can do is imagine my travel north

I can visualize the very crown of the mountain

I imagine a sky colored with the brightest blue

I feel the strong frosty wins

That send shivers down my spine.

Like I was actually there.

Christmas For Me, Luca Santarsiero ‘24

My family is like the Christmas tree lights

Sparkly and bright around this time of year

Our family is like the tree, always strong and mighty

Around this time of year

Flames Of Warmth, Johnny Bevilacqua '24

The birth of Christ

The death of a time

Traditions created

Flames of warmth

The writers wraps his poem with this:

Merry Christmas to those I love

And to those of less fortune

Each days is something new

The birth of something great.

He Is The Bright Star, Andrew Fagan ‘24

Remember this Christmas season

Material things can’t satisfy

They are but temporary

They disappear and die

But the love of our savior

A gift that lives eternally

And we thank all the writers for the gift of Sketches. Thinking, feeling, expressing.