March Can Madness Underway At Xavier

“Gentlemen,” Ian Domeika ’21 said over the PA system at the end of the school day on Monday, “this is the moment you have all been waiting for. Your Xaverian careers, long or short, have all led exactly to this moment. Welcome to … drum roll please … the first-ever Coronafied March Can Madness. Founding fathers Ian Domeika, Liam Houchin, Will Heher, and the rest of the prestigious Ryken Service Society have constructed the ultimate can bonanza that will give each grade the opportunity for Xaverian glory. The rules this year are different due to the fact that the pandemic thing you may have heard of is going around.”

Xavier routinely has its own spin on March Madness. Last year there was no can collection. Last year there was no NCAA Basketball Tournament. The pandemic had just arrived and shut things down. This year both versions of March Madness are back.

Xavier’s has a new twist … but the same end game, which is to help those in need. All canned goods and boxed foods collected go to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry in Middletown. The need continues to increase as more people need help. For more about the Amazing Grace Food Pantry, click here. 

In past years, the competition was between home rooms. This year it will be by grades.

The food can be dropped off in boxes in various locations in the building. For the freshmen and sophomores, the boxes are in the front foyer. For juniors, the box has been placed at the entrance of the chapel. The box for seniors is in the dining hall. 

At the end of each week, the goods will be counted. Each week, the grade with the least amount collected will be eliminated.

“The winning class will be crowned as the first (and probably last) Coronafied Xavier Can Madness winner,” Domeika said. “And for the grand prize, a free dress down day.  

“In recent polls, the seniors are being deemed as commanding favorites. But it only takes one man to change the landscape of March Can Madness. So, get out there, buy out the soup isles … and win Xaverian glory. Good luck gentlemen!”