Ascension Thursday Mass Celebrated

“We have been entrusted to be the presence of Christ in the world.”

“We need to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ and share our gifts and abilities for the service of all people.”

“It is time to roll up our sleeves … there is still much to do.”

Those were among the many messages as Father Ernie Bedard of St. Pius X Church celebrated a Mass that was livestreamed into the Xavier High School classrooms on Ascension Thursday.

Ascension Thursday commemorates Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven, and marks the 40th day after  Christ's resurrection.

Father Ernie struck a theme similar to that of Pope Francis, whose tweet to the world said: “The Solemnity of the #Ascension lifts our gaze upwards, beyond earthly things. At the same time, it reminds us of the mission the Lord has entrusted to us here on earth. May the Holy Spirit guide us in the good battle we must wage.”

Father Ernie also spoke of Jesus Christ being raised from the ground into the sky, which for his disciples had to be both amazing and sad because “saying goodbye to those we love and care about is never easy.”

Yet, they and we are uplifted by the fact that Christ will come again. He ascended into Heaven, he is seated at the right hand of the Father and he will come again.