Tyler Lucey Joins Xavier Faculty As Music Teacher

Strike up the band!

Tyler Lucey has joined the Xavier High School faculty as its music teacher.

As students in various years had their orientation day this week, Lucey was in the music suite preparing for the new school year and orienting himself to Xavier.

He holds a BA in Music with a minor in Political Science from St. Michael’s College and completed the Teacher Apprenticeship Program through Champlain College at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, VT.

For the past four years he has gained valuable teaching experience with Contois School of Music in Vermont, the Burlington after-school program, and at St. James School in Manchester, CT. He has also taught cello remotely to grades K-12 in the Vermont Youth Orchestra Association.

Lucey is teaching all the music ensembles this year at Xavier.

“I want our students to have special opportunities to do the things they have done before in terms of performance and classroom activities, but then I also want them to have unique and different perspectives I hope I am able to provide them,” Lucey said.

Lucey also believes music fits right in with any curriculum at a school.

“Music can encompass all subjects,” Lucey said. “I can relate music to math, history, science, languages, so I feel every subject can relate back to music and we can have a  great discussion based around anything.”