Why Xavier? Check Out Our Open House Oct. 17

Please spread the word about our Open House on Sunday, Oct. 17, from 1-3:30 p.m. Registration can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/4t7hvfzn
So why attend Xavier? We’ll be exploring a few of the many reasons leading up to Open House. They all have to do with building mind, body and spirit. Today: our STEM programs.
Kelsey Doherty, our Director of Educational Technology and an engineering teacher
“We keep adding to our list of STEM offerings every day, it seems. We have an exciting engineering program where students are working with electronics, they are building rockets, drones, and learning everything in between. We have great computer science tracks with programming and learning how computers are built.
“Outside of the classroom we have an innovation lab with resources for both engineering and multi-media. We have some high-end computers in there. Students are working on 3D printing, making videos, and designing parts for engineering class. We have a new Virtual Reality system in there, state of the art. Teachers are using the VR to augment their lesson plans, from showing the inside of a body for biology to showing places in the world as if you’re there. It’s really exciting.
“We have a lot of STEM clubs, too … film video club, video journalism club, engineering club and team, an IT team that takes apart computers and puts them back together. We have our esports teams. We have out robotics teams. Math team. Envirothon. There is a lot going on at this school for STEM, and as I mentioned we keep growing the program every day.”