All Saints Day Celebrated With Mass

A new month … a fresh beginning … a chance to recommit ourselves.

On Monday the Rev. David Choquette ’90 came to Xavier to celebrate Mass for the Feast of All Saints Day, the day on which the Church honors all saints, known and unknown.  By definition, a saint is any person in heaven.  A canonized saint is one which the Church formally (and infallibly) recognizes as being in heaven. 

Rev. Choquette challenged all gathered, freshmen and sophomores in the gym and juniors and seniors watching virtually, to live as faithful followers, to love God, and to love one another, in everything we say and do.

“By living the life he calls us to live may we be found worthy of being counted among the saints,” Rev. Choquette said.

The message was an inspirational way to start the week.

“When we look at the saints we see in them people who lived lives of love,” Rev. Choquette said. “That’s what we are called to do as well. We are called to be people of love ... people of love in the way we deal with each other every day. We are called to be people of love by the kindness we offer, the care and concern we show one other, the respect that we offer to those who perhaps have different opinions than us.

“We also are called to be people of love, not only of one another but of God himself, which is why it is important to pray every day so we can grow in our relationship with God as much as it is important to grow in our relationship with one another.”