Honor Roll of Donors


Xavier High School is blessed to have a community of remarkable people and companies that have embraced the spirit of philanthropy and demonstrated their unwavering support for the Xavier mission of providing an exceptional education based in faith and values. Their generous contributions have made a profound impact on our school, enabling us to nurture young minds, foster personal growth, and create an environment of excellence.

Xavier High School is indebted to our community of generous charitable donors. Honor Rolls are configured at the conclusion of each fiscal year.

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Xavier High School Heritage Society Donor Honor Roll

The Heritage Society honors those individual and companies who have remembered Xavier High School in their estate plans. By making these gifts Xavier alumni, parents, faculty and friends play a vital role in securing the future of the school.

If you have named Xavier in your estate plans please allow us to honor you here by informing us. Contact Liz Whitty at 346 7735 x737 or [email protected].

Xavier High School Heritage Society as of June 30, 2023

Chaleen and Brian Abely
Helen Aiello
Sheri and Steven Amato '74
Estate of Francis Anderson
David Annelli*
Joan Bailey*
Elizabeth and Michael Banic '83
Erica Bartman
Louise and Oliver Bouteiller
Brother James Boyle* C.F.X.
Kathy and David Brandt
Lena and Guy Carbone
Cherish the Children Foundation, Inc.
Mary Jane and Christopher Carrozzella
Spirit of CJ Foundation
Cecilia and Thomas* Cloutier
Nella and Claudio Colombo
Community Foundation of Middlesex County, Inc.
Meredith and Christopher Coppola '86
Laura Miller-Cozean and Ronald Cozean '81
Melissa and Douglas* Crowell
John Custy Jr. '70
Peter Dalton* '87
Mary and Michael Danko '76
Barbara and Richard* Del Favero
Francis DelMastro '79
Kathleen and Edwin* DesRosiers
Anonymous Donor
Tina and Sean Doyle
Gail and William Duda '69
Margaret P. Eagan Revocable Trust
 Margaret Patricia Eagan*
Sandy and Bryan Feitel '86
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Feitel
Nancy and Mark Fontanella '71
Victor Fontanella* '69
Susan and Philp Franklin '73
Charlotte and Karl Furstenberg
Jill and William Garrity
Debbie and Jack Gastler '74
Jean* and Michael* Golia
Linda Guerra
Francis* and Richard* Harrington
Kathleen and William Harris
 Josephine Hary*
Margaret Haughey*
Susanne and Willis Hawkins III '81
Anonymous Donor
Brother J. Robert Houlihan* C.F.X.
Corinne and Patrick Ingellis
Loretta K. Ingersoll*
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Jaskot, '69
Kelly and Daniel Jaskot '98
Gregory Jaskot '00
Tracy and Matthew Jaskot '02
Trish and Robert Kalber '74
Mary and George Keithan Jr. '81
Barbara Killen
Irene and Peter* Klein
Carolyn* and Arthur* Kohs
Diane Kojabash
Gloria* and Kay* Kojabash
Kathy and Joseph Krywinski Jr.* '70
Janice and Kent Lee
Danica and Richard Levesque
Judith and Marc Levin '80
Carolyn and Anthony Loffredo '87
John Lomartra '73
Maureen and William Longo '69
Roger Madero '83
Judith and John Maguire
Jane and Edward* McMillan
Laura and Michael Millane '74
Evelyn and Michael Monea '75
Brigid and Kevin O’Rourke '74
Carol* and Richard Ohmann
Cecilia* and John* Ott
Virginia* and Bernard* Pacholski
Corinne and John Perra
Carol and Steven Perruccio '69
Kathryn and Daniel Pickett '86
Sandra Piontek
Susan and Douglas Prichard
Frederick and Beverly* Repich
Bonnie and Richard Roberts '73
Denise and Richard* Roberts '72
Dorothy* and Frank* Rondo
Nadia and Richard Ruglio '81
Leslie and Mark Rutan '74
Anonymous Donor
Grace* and Otto Schaefer
Barbara and David Schilke
Elisa Carrozzella Frenzilli
Trudy Seagraves
Thomas Sebold '69
Selfless Foundation
Nada and David Sizemore '86
Erin and Christopher Smith '99
Mary and Jospeh Smith Jr.
Anonymous Donor
Nicholas Stamboulis
Courtney and Alexander Strekel '00
Leslie and Matthew Strekel '99
Joanne and David Tellerico
Susan and James Tillona
Linda and Marc Tomaiuolo
Christopher Vance '94
Hilary and David E. Vance '92
David R. Vance
John Wall Jr* '68
Theresa and Edward Wiegand '86
Heidi and William Wrang III '75
Patricia and Thomas Yandow