SAC President Ryan Solomon Has Plenty Of Ideas

Ryan Solomon, elected Students Activities Council President for the 2020-2021 school year, has no shortage of ideas.

His job is to work with the SAC board, SAC moderator, administration and faculty to coordinate activities for the student body and generate enthusiasm. He’s ready.

“I wanted to become SAC President because I love Xavier and I want to make it better than it already is,” Solomon said. “I am more than excited to take on this new challenge. As President, I hope to institute student section contests and prizes, hold social media raffles, improve class nights, have esports tournaments, and host a monthly podcast on Xavier and current events. … We want to get the student body engaged as much as possible and generate more school spirit.”

Solomon said he wants to be approachable so any student can offer an idea. An important part of the job is to report suggestions arising from students to the moderator, Administrative Assistant Lisa Keereweer, for consideration.

Solomon is a member of the National Honor Society and hockey team and was on the junior class executive board. Also elected to the SAC board for the next school year were Liam Houchin, vice president; Peter Mercugliano, secretary; and Connor Silbo, treasurer.

Class officers also were elected:

Senior Class President:  Donny Frost; Senior Class Vice President:  Dan Lyons

Junior Class President:  Sheel Vallam; Junior Class Vice President:  Luke Solomon

Sophomore Class President:  Brendan Peary; Sophomore Class Vice President:  Ryan Chrostowski

Solomon said Xavier has been a “life-changing experience for me. It's clear that the friendships and connections you make here go way beyond the doors of the school. Xavier preaches that tradition never graduates, and it couldn't be more true. Xavier encourages you to take risks and go out of your comfort zone in order to reach your full potential.”

This year, of course, changed everyone’s life; the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. Almost. 

“First off I would like to mention how well Xavier has handled this odd circumstance,” Solomon said. “In these trying times, Xavier has stayed the course and never stopped expecting the best from the students. With that being said, there is no substitute for the face-to-face interactions between everyone in the community. I especially miss the rapport between students and instructors.”

And the rapport he has with his hockey teammates. The CIAC postseason hockey tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus.

“The end of the hockey season was very emotional,” Solomon said. “I have been on many athletic teams in my life, and I know that the bond between us last year was unbreakable. As we are losing some seniors next year, I look forward to meeting new faces in the locker room and building on last year's success.”