Xavier Adds Website For Athletics

You could almost say that Xavier High School runs on AAA batteries: academics, athletics and activities.

The school is known for academic programs that prepare students for college and beyond, clubs and activities where all can find a home, and excellence and tradition in athletics.

Xavier has won 94 state and New England championships, including two last season (cross country, wrestling) before COVID-19 shut down high school sports in the state. There is a rich and deep history, from Baseball Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell to current NFL quarterback Tim Boyle of the Green Bay Packers.

Xavier prides itself on playing the best and being the best with state-of the-art athletic programs. And it now is unveiling a website exclusively for athletics, www.xavierfalcons.com. It is using SIDELINE Sports, known as a leader in collegiate athletic web-based content management systems. SIDEARM Sports provides the software and technology for more than 1,000 college and universities, among them Notre Dame, Penn State, Alabama and Texas.

For the thousands of alumni who played sports here to the hundreds of student-athletes who take part each year, this new website is their town square. For the parents of current students-athletes to parents of prospective student-athletics, the web site provides one-stop shopping. There are schedules, results, rosters, photos, videos, stories, forms and handbooks.   

“The young men here at Xavier take extreme pride in everything that they do, not just athletics, but also  in academics, the fine arts and performing arts, their activities and clubs. And athletics is a piece of that as well … this allows them to follow along and recognize all the hard work they put into their sports at Xavier and what it has done to propel programs in the future,” Athletic Director Matt Martorelli said.

Martorelli played high school sports, then went on to play football at the University of New Hampshire.

“Athletics provides the necessary skills in life to succeed, from as simple as showing up on time, being respectful, working hard, and realizing the greater good is bigger than yourself,” Martorelli said. “It is so important to be able to fight through adversity, and athletics did that for me. I know our athletes will look back in 10-15 years and know that athletics played a major success in their life.”

He also sees this as community building.

“Our community goes much further than 181 Randolph Road; it goes to all coasts and different continents,” Martorelli said. “Being able to give them access to what we’re doing on a daily basis gives them that sense of community. It’s also a way to market what we do here on a daily basis. We have great stories to tell.

“And parents want to send their boys to Xavier and know they are in good hands. I think if you see what we’re doing here athletically parents will feel very comfortable and it will draw students.”    

All other aspects of Xavier, from admissions and academics to faith and giving, can be found on the overall school website, wwwxavierhighschool.org, which recently was redesigned.