Empowering Juniors To Take The Next Step

One of the many signature programs at Xavier High School is the Junior Empower Leadership Program, which prepares juniors for their transition to becoming upperclassmen and embracing leadership positions.

You have to want it. You have to work at it. The application includes a number of questions, and there is an 11-hour training program on a Saturday at Empower Adventure Park at Nomads in South Windsor, where the student participates in individual and group adventure exercises. The program is run by Dan Jaskot ’98, who leads various leadership programs for the school out of Empower Leadership, where he is president.

When writing about what skills a student is hoping to develop, he cannot simply say become a better leader. He needs specifics, so it takes a bit of introspection.

Gavin Dow: “I would like to obtain qualities such as being less judgmental toward others, being more assertive, and leading and contributing while being considerate of others.”

Aidan Driscoll: I would like to obtain the ability to confront others in a diplomatic way when my opinion may differ.”

Sam Enes: “I would like to further develop the ability to communicate well not just with people I am comfortable with … people I know.”

Logan German: “I would like to better my communication skills and become the kind of leader that puts others above myself.”

Owen Lelko: I would like to further develop the quality of knowing when it’s best to lead by example instead of vocally.”

Peter O’Brien: “I’d like to obtain the ability to tell the truth to my teammates/peers even if they don’t like it, and the ability to take the reins in stressful situations.”

Sotirius Paul: I would like to be able to learn how to organize groups so the people I lead are happy with their roles … and to learn how to better unite groups.”

These are just a few examples of the juniors who seek to take the next step in their development.