Junior Ring Mass Celebrated

Father Greg Galvin’s message to those receiving their class rings at the Junior Ring Mass on Tuesday was to reflect on the value of humility when looking at that ring.

“When you put it on with great pride, rightful pride, I challenge you to think back on the value of humility,” Father Galvin said. “Think about what Xavier has taught you about helping the poor, the needy, the lonely.

“One thing instilled in every Xavier man is to learn to participate and to learn to serve, to give of yourselves to those who have not received what you have received. … Never forget that Xavier assisted you in learning the importance of giving to others, using your talents, skills and blessings for other people.”  

That message was fitting on a day that service to others was being lived out at the school. Some Xavier and Mercy National Honor Society students were gathering at Mercy after school to make blankets for St. Vincent de Paul in Middletown to give to the needy.  Some members of the Pro Life club were making sandwiches for the St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen.  

The Junior Ring Mass symbolizes that these Xavier juniors are getting close to their senior year. And this particular ceremony also was a symbol of the fortitude of this class, which has endured during COVID for nearly two years now.

One of the juniors receiving his ring was Daniel Gargano, on this day pulling double duty since he also was in the choral group that sang at the Mass. Leading the group was his mother, Debbie, the school librarian and a teacher. Helping organize things at the Mass was his father, Andrew, the registrar and a teacher.

“It is always interesting to wear different hats, mom, teacher and choral advisor,” Debbie said. “I am very proud of Daniel and his classmates, to see their growth, and am blessed to be a part of it.”

After the Mass, the recipients tried on their rings. They mingled. They took photos with family members. Feb. 8, 2022, a day to remember.