Service Celebrated At Mass

Christian service was celebrated at Mass on Tuesday.

“Spread the gospel through our loving service of others,” Father Ernie Bedard of St. Pius X told the students, faculty and staff gathered.

That is what those Xavier students going to Camden, N.J., Feb. 17-20, will be doing. About one of every three people in Camden live in poverty, and the unemployment rate is about 15 percent, Director of Campus Ministry Peter Lyons said before calling up the students for a blessing from Father Ernie.

“By placing themselves in the service of others, they will be living examples of the Gospel and a source of comfort and assistance for those in need,” Lyons said.

The Xavier students will live in community with students from three other schools, learn about the needs in Camden and help minister to those needs.

Those going are Dario Adanti Tyler Ferguson, Brian Malicki, Zach Myrick, Hunter Peckham, Mike Pitruzzello, Braden Pollack, Mario Pugliese, and Jack Susca.