Peregrines Win A Championship At State Robotics Finals

The FullMetal Peregrines won a championship Saturday at the Connecticut State Robotics Championships in Windsor.

Congratulations to the group of Alicia Lowry ‘22, Nate Lowry ‘22, Ollie Snow ‘25, Rithik Kurup ‘23, Aidan Pesce ‘22, Chase Creedon ‘24, Ethan Gernhardt ‘23, Andrew McCarthy ‘24 and Easton Patz ‘23 on bringing home the title to Randolph Road.

At the awards ceremony, the Peregrines were also named the winners of the Motivate Award, which is given to the team that displays the greatest outreach.

Xavier had five teams competing— the Penguins, Phoenixes, Kestrels, Merlins and Peregrines. The Kestrels were one of the finalists for the Innovate Award, which recognizes a group’s unique robot design.  

“It was the culmination of a lot of hard work and it really paid off,” Andrei Abarientos ’22  said. “To have three Xavier teams in the semifinals is a pretty big deal.”