Xavier Spring Concert & Art Show

The Xavier Spring Concert & Art Show did just that, putting a spring in your step. Sixteen pieces were performed Tuesday night by the talented musicians: 34 members of the concert band, 16 in the jazz band, 8 in the jazz combo, 6 in the string ensemble, and 8 in the chorus.

First-year Music Director Mr. Tyler Lucey led the concert, the second of the academic year.

“I think the first year has gone really well, and I felt totally welcomed by the Xavier community,” Lucey said. “I think my guys are really hard workers, and appreciate the focus and determination they put into the concerts.”

Music is something that brings joy to those listening … and to those playing.

“Any artistic outlet really helps with other areas of academic life,” Lucey said. “It allows students to show a different side, and it creates a team environment that is really unique.”

A special shout-out to the seniors listed in the program: Andrew Liptak, Bryce Tindall, Bennett Pancoast, Liam Sheeley  (chorus); Sam Simko (string ensemble); Hunter Peckham, Ryan Hayes, Michael Del Monaco, Justin Patenaude, Reilly O'Connell, Jake Gesseck, Damian Bianchi, Charles Puckhaber, Conor Selfors, Chris Michaud (concert band); James DeDonato, Isaac Gonzalez, and Jack Armatrudo (jazz band).

Music was just a part of the evening. Many works of art and photographs by Xavier students were displayed in the lobby as those attending the concert entered the building. Ms. Jayne Vitale leads the art program as well as the art club; Mr. Bill Braychak is the Fine Arts chair and moderates the photography club.

The art winners:

Design Prize: Christopher Beaudoin ’22; Painting Prize: Nicholas Cusano ’22; Drawing Prize: Sam Matt ’23; Masterpiece Reproduction Prize: Zachary Mendelson ’24; Beginning Artist Prizes: Quinn McRiley ‘24, Ryan Chrostowski ’23.

The photography winners:

Senior Award: Andrei Abarientos; Best Photo: Andrew Cataldi ’22.

And the other winners: all those who came out Tuesday night. Thank you.