SAC Officers Elected For 2022-2023

Aidan Driscoll '23 had never run for class officer until this year.
"I was inspired because of what I saw coming up through the years, seeing the the leadership," Driscoll said. "Whoever was student body president or class president, I was always looking up to them, and I want to be a role model, help everyone in the school to have their voices heard.
Driscoll and Owen Lelko '23 will be the student body president and vice president for the 2022-2023 school year. Lelko also will be first vice president of the National Honor Society.
“I have a strong connection with my class and the Xavier community, and I want to get the students’ ideas out to the faculty and staff and make an even stronger, more vibrant community,” Lelko said.
Driscoll and Lelko have plenty of ideas of their own and have heard some from the students.
"It's great we're hearing from them already," Driscoll said, "that they are being proactive. We'd like to have a spikeball tournament, the cornhole tournament again, and some sort of ping pong tournament, things to get kids active, come together as a school, have some fun and bond."
Driscoll said his experience playing basketball will help in his student body role.
"In my three years in the program and two years on varsity, I've learned to be a leader off and on the court, keep my teammates in check, keep them in the loop," Driscoll said. "My job as student body president is to be a leader, keep everyone in the loop, and make sure everyone's included."
Lelko said being involved with the National Honor Society, which involves meetings and events, is another way he can reach out and listen to students.
2022-2023 SAC Officers

SAC President/Vice President:  Aidan Driscoll & Owen Lelko

SAC Treasurer: Ryan Chrostowski

SAC Secretary: Brendan Peary

Senior Class President/Vice President: Luke Anderson & Patrick Mitchill

Junior Class President/Vice President: Nico LaRosa & Chris Seymour

Sophomore Class President & Vice President: Bruno Massaro & Lucien Delaney