Xavier Celebrates Founder's Week

Founder's Week is celebrated by each of the 13 schools in the Xaverian Brothers School community. Founder's Week is a time when we honor the legacy of Theodore James Ryken, the founder of the Xaverian Brothers, as well as St. Francis Xavier, for whom the congregation is named.

Each day during the week, we began the day by introducing the Xavierian value of the day before one of our Peer Ministers gave the prayer intention of the day. Students voted each day in homeroom on a faculty and staff member that best exemplified the Xavieran value of the day. The adults voted for students. The winners had their names announced at the close of school and were awarded a certificate. 

The final wrinkle was that there were pictures of St. Francis Xavier hidden throughout the building and those that found them earned a coupon for free french fries in the dining hall. 

Students were asked daily at lunch to fill out an index card with their answer to the following question: “In one sentence, how can you practice the Xavieran Value of the day in your everyday life?”

The Xavieran value of the day was Humility and the prayer intention was for the Xavierian Brothers Sponsored Schools.

Monday winners
Faculty honoree: Brother Ryan
Staff honoree: President Rick Misenti '72
Student honoree: Caiden Olmstead
Quote Winners
First lunch wave: Jack McGuire - “Humility is to take responsibility, show kindness, and learn from your mistakes.”  
Second lunch wave: Sean O’Sullivan - “Humility can be practiced by not being afraid to admit when you are wrong, asking questions, and recognizing when you need help from other, including God.”
Third lunch wave: Holden Riley - “Humility is to take every success as a gift from God.”  
The Xavierian value of the day was Simplicity and the prayer intention was for our faculty and staff.

Tuesday winners
Faculty honoree: Brother John
Staff honoree: Terry Tyler 
Student honoree: Ryan Zimmerman
Quote Winners
First lunch wave: Noah Jones - “We can practice simplicity by not being materialistic, by appreciating the small things in life rather than taking them for granted, and by never taking God for granted and always loving him and being thankful for him no matter what.”  
Second lunch wave: Simeon Bos - “Living the value of simplicity in everyday life can be done by living a life focused on God and your goals.”  
Third lunch wave: Xavier Vasquez - “We can practice the Xaverian value of simplicity by treating others with honesty and respect. You can try to push away your own temptations and instead help others.”
The Xavierian value of the day was Compassion and the prayer intention was for Xavierian Missions. 
Wednesday winners
Faculty honoree: Brian Fitzgerald '99
Staff honorees: Greg Jaskot '00 and Diana Mastrocola
Student honoree: Lucas Rivera
Quote winners
First lunch wave: Matias Duong-Vasquez - “Compassion can be practiced by noticing what people do, even if it’s a small gesture.”  
Second lunch wave: Jason Ng - “Compassion is being able to love your neighbor as yourself, helping people regardless of you think of them, and treating everyone like a brother.”  
Third lunch wave: Patrick Clements-Dolan - “We best practice the Xaverian value of compassion by being kind, understanding, and sympathetic towards those around us and by helping others heal their personal wounds, whether they be mental, emotional, or physical.”  
Runner up prize: Mr. Tim Kramar - “Treat everyone with care as if they are going through some life-changing event or struggle.”

The Xavieran value of the day was Zeal and the prayer intention was for our students. 

Thursday winners
Faculty honoree: Mason Passavant '12
Staff honoree: Lisa Keereweer
Student honoree: Ryan Ruggiero
Quote Winners
First lunch wave: Noah Jones - “We can practice zeal by staying committed to our faith and by helping others in a joyful manner.”                 
Second lunch wave: Stephen Tine - “You can practice zeal by praying to God for the strength to be positive and joyful, especially in times when those around you are negative or there are difficult situations in your life.”  
Third lunch wave: Zach Mendelson - “Zeal is being determined to continue writing value cards despite not being picked. You must face adversity regardless of failure.”  
The Xavieran value of the day was Trust and the prayer intention was for the Xavieran brothers. 
Faculty honoree: Joe Premus
Staff honoree: Marie Braychak
Student honoree: Kyle Hoynack
We are honored and blessed to have four Xavierian Brothers walking our halls each day!

Quote Winners
First lunch wave: Christian Gonzalez - “Trust is having confidence in family, friends, and most importantly God, so we stay strong together forever.”  
Second lunch wave: Javier Herrera - “Trust is a value that is extremely important. One must have trust in friends, family, but most of all, have trust in God. Trust will take you places you never thought were possible.”  
Third lunch wave: Lucas Harkins - “Trust is when you build a relationship with God and others that builds over time to the point where you can depend on God and others. The way we can practice trust in our everyday lives is to talk to others and practice kindness and virtue. Also, we pray because praying is a way to build trust and a relationship with God.”