Matthew Ferucci '23: A Xavier Success Story


At Xavier, we take pride not only in preparing our students for college but also for life after high school. One remarkable example of a Xavier success story is Matthew Ferucci, a member of the Class of 2023 who is currently a freshman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).

Matthew's journey to USMMA was not an easy one. He knew that he wanted to attend an institution that would challenge him physically, academically, and mentally to reach his full potential. As he put it, "The idea of being mediocre scared me." After careful consideration, Matthew decided that USMMA offered the perfect fit for him to be able to serve his country and get a great education. He is currently majoring in Marine Transportation Logistics and Security.

However, Matthew's ambitions were not without their challenges. USMMA is known for its rigorous curriculum and demanding schedule, which requires students to balance academics, athletics, and the duties of the regiment. Many students end up getting set back a year or are forced to disenroll due to the difficulty of the program and its related stress. But Matthew is determined to stay on track and succeed at USMMA. His goal for his time there is simple: graduate.

Matthew credits his time at Xavier for preparing him for the challenges he is facing at USMMA. He says that Xavier taught him the values of responsibility, honesty, respect, and perseverance, which he carries with him every day. When he first walked into Xavier during an Open House, he fell in love with the school, the wrestling program, and the atmosphere. He knew that if he wanted options and opportunities for college, Xavier was the school for him.

While the entire staff and faculty at Xavier helped Matthew become the best version of himself, two people had a particularly meaningful impact on him: Mr. Cunningham, his wrestling coach, and Ms. Mastrocola, his school counselor. Coach Cunningham taught Matthew what it means to be strong mentally and physically through wrestling, showing him how to push through any obstacle. Ms. Mastrocola provided guidance and words of encouragement that helped guide him to put everything he had into being accepted at the USMMA.

Matthew's success story is a testament to the values and teachings of Xavier High School. At Xavier, we strive to shape leaders of tomorrow who are compassionate, responsible, and of strong character. Matthew's journey to USMMA offers just one example of the many ways that Xavier helps prepare our Falcons for life after graduation.

Matthew Ferucci is one of the many Xavier success stories. His determination, hard work, and commitment to his values reflect what it means to be a Xavier man. We are proud of Matthew and all of our alumni who go on to achieve great things in their lives. We hope that his story inspires current and future Xavier students to strive for excellence and to always be men of service to others.

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