The Athletic Success of Xavier High School: A Middletown Marvel


A Tradition of Excellence

Since its inception, Xavier High School has cultivated a tradition of athletic excellence. The school’s commitment to sports is evident in its well-maintained facilities, experienced coaching staff, and the emphasis placed on physical education. This strong foundation has enabled Xavier to produce teams that consistently perform at high levels in state and regional competitions. Since 1963, Xavier has captured 110 State and New England Championships. 

During the 2023-24 school year, our athletic teams won four SCC Division Champions, six Conference Championships, five State Championships, one State Open Championship, and one New England Championship. We also had an individual National Champion in wrestling for the second year in a row!

Soccer: Champions of the Pitch

The soccer program at Xavier High School has enjoyed considerable success. Known for their technical skills and tactical prowess, the Falcons have secured three straight SCC Championships. The team’s focus on developing individual talent within a cohesive unit has paid off, making them formidable opponents in every season. The program emphasizes not just winning, but also sportsmanship and the holistic development of its players.
Soccer Champs

Wrestling: Grappling Greatness

Xavier’s wrestling program is a cornerstone of the school’s athletic success. The team has a storied history of dominance in state competitions, with numerous state championships and individual titles. The Falcons have won seven straight SCC Championships, four consecutive CIAC Class L State Championships, and three CIAC Wrestling State Open Titles in a row. The wrestling program’s rigorous training, strategic coaching, and emphasis on discipline and mental toughness have made it one of the top programs in Connecticut. Wrestlers from Xavier regularly advance to compete at the collegiate level, further showcasing the strength and depth of the program.

Cross Country: Endurance and Determination

Xavier’s cross country team exemplifies endurance and determination. The program has a storied history of success, with numerous state titles and individual accolades. The rigorous training regimen, combined with a supportive team environment, helps athletes push their limits and achieve remarkable feats. The cross country team has won eight SCC titles in a row and five straight CIAC Class L State Championships. The team’s performance at state and regional meets often places them among the top contenders, showcasing their consistent excellence.
XC Champs

Golf: Excellence on the Greens

The golf team at Xavier High School has built a reputation for excellence on the greens. In 2024, the program captured its second-ever CIAC Division I State Championship. The program emphasizes both individual skill development and team competition, ensuring that players excel in all aspects of the game. 
Golf Champs

Track and Field: Speed and Strength

Xavier’s track and field program is a showcase of speed, strength, and versatility. Athletes compete in a wide range of events, from sprints and distance races to jumps and throws, consistently achieving top results in state competitions. The Indoor and Outdoor teams both captured SCC Championships and Class L State Titles in 2023-24. The program’s success is driven by a combination of specialized training, experienced coaching, and a commitment to developing well-rounded athletes. Track and field at Xavier not only emphasizes competition but also personal growth and team spirit.

What Xavier Offers

In addition to these highlighted sports, Xavier High School offers a wide range of athletic programs, including lacrosse, football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Each of these programs contributes to the school’s overall reputation for athletic excellence. The diversity of sports available ensures that students can find their niche and excel, whether it’s on the field, court, mat, or track.

Central to Xavier’s athletic success is the role of dedicated coaches who mentor and guide the student-athletes. These coaches bring a wealth of experience and a passion for developing young talent. Their commitment goes beyond the sport, emphasizing character building, discipline, and academic achievement.
The athletic success of Xavier High School is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and community spirit that defines this institution. Xavier’s athletic programs continue to set high standards and achieve remarkable success. As the school continues to nurture young student-athletes, the legacy of excellence at Xavier High School is sure to endure, inspiring future generations to reach new heights in sports and beyond.