Xavier High School 4 x Mile Quartet Sets New Record, Earns All-American Honors

The Xavier High School 4x mile relay team, consisting of Jack Larkin, Cameron Nephew, Owen Martin, and Jack Ouellette, etched their names in the history books with a stunning performance at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Philadelphia last month. The quartet not only set a new school record but also broke the state record with a remarkable time of 17:20.31, earning them All-American honors.
This achievement was not a fluke but a testament to years of dedication, perseverance, and an unyielding commitment to their sport and each other. Each member of the team brought something unique to the table, and their synergy was palpable throughout the race.
Owen Martin, reflecting on the journey, said, "It was a culmination of 3-4 years of hard work for the four of us. I don’t think any of us think that it was a surprise because we see the work each and every one of us put in. It was an incredible experience for all of us. Getting to witness Jack Larkin's and Cameron Nephew's first All-American honor in their last race was a moment I’ll never forget. We have an unbelievable amount of trust in each other, and I wouldn’t have rather done it with a different group of guys."
Jack Larkin, who also celebrated his first All-American honor, shared his thoughts on the experience. “Going down to Philadelphia, we collectively knew the potential that we held with our relay. As a group, we had been racing in postseason races for a month, so there was definitely a lot of physical and mental fatigue. But in the end, it came down to the trust and commitment to each other that has been fostered over the thousands of miles together over the past three and four years. Our performance is symbolic of the sacrifice and commitment that each one of us has put forward over our time at Xavier. To accomplish that with my brothers, it’s really special.”
Jack Ouellette, reflecting on the race and its aftermath, said, “It was a very cool and great experience. My teammates were able to put me in a perfect position, and all I had to do was hold my position. We didn’t realize that we had broken the state record until some time after the race, but when we realized it was just another accolade to add onto getting All-American. I wouldn’t have wanted to achieve it with anyone else.”
For Cameron Nephew, the race was a culmination of years of effort and the perfect ending to his high school running career. “As a senior who had watched my teammates Jack Ouellette and Owen Martin achieve All-American two times already and had come up short on my own previously, I had a lot of motivation but also nerves coming into our race. But I knew we were going to do something great when my fellow senior Jack Larkin, who was also looking for his first All-American, opened up in a 6-second mile PR. Watching us cross the line in fourth was an incredible moment that I will remember forever and the best way to culminate my four years of running at Xavier.”
The success of the Xavier High School 4x mile quartet is a story of hard work, mutual trust, and unwavering dedication. Their record-setting performance at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals will be remembered as a pinnacle of their high school running careers and a testament to their perseverance and teamwork.

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