"There is something for everyone at Xavier High School."
Headmaster Dave Eustis  


The Ambassadors Club assists the Admissions Office in representing Xavier High School in recruitment and marketing events such as Open House and grade school visits. Membership is open to all students.

Moderator: Mr. Grasso. Contact Mr. Grasso ( for more information or to join.


Members of the art club work on various projects. The club is open to all students.

Moderator: Ms. Jessy Stanavage. Contact Ms. Stanavage ( for more information or to join.


As a member of the NASA and Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Night Sky Network, the mission of the Xavier Astronomy Club is to foster awareness of, and interest in, the field of astronomy. The club is a place to find information about recent scientific accomplishments and discoveries concerning our solar system and beyond. It is also a place to learn the basics of backyard astronomy, or stargazing. From club-sponsored observing sessions at school and teaching students “what’s up” in the night sky, to off-campus weekend visits to Wesleyan’s Van Vleck Observatory and Central Connecticut State University’s Copernican Observatory and Planetarium, the club aims to bring a love of the cosmos, and a love of citizen science in general, to the Xavier community.

Moderator: Mr. Oravetz. Contact Mr. Oravetz ( for more information and to join.


The Classic Car Club meets on a regular basis to discuss mutual interest in classic cars and to plan for the annual Eric. J. Kalber Classic Car Show at Xavier High School. The 13th edition of the show, which benefits the Eric J. Kalber Scholarship Fund, was held June 27.  


Moderators: Ms. Whitty (, Mr. Cizauskas ( Contact them for more information and to join.



The club is sponsored by our local Knights of Columbus organization, and is a leadership development program for young Catholic men designed to develop leaders who understand their Catholic religion and who have a strong commitment to the Church. The Squire circle is an athletic team, a youth group, a social club, a cultural and civic improvement association, a management training course, a civil rights organization and a spiritual development program all rolled into one.

Moderator: Mr. Robert King. Contact Mr. King ( for more information and to join.


The cultural diversity club meets to discuss diversity issues that affect not only the Xavier High School community but society as a whole.

Moderator: Mr. Garrity. Contact Mr. Garrity ( for more information and to join.


The debate club participates in invitationals throughout the year, including the Great Connecticut High School Debate Page 18 held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The majority of debate tournaments occur on Saturdays. Students can compete either at the varsity or novice level competition.

Moderator: Mrs. Summa. Contact Mrs. Summa ( for more information and to join.


The drama club presents a play in the fall and a Broadway musical in the spring for the student body and outside guests. Students from both Xavier and Mercy are involved in the production of each event. The play and musical, and all rehearsals, are held at Mercy High School. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

Moderator: Mrs. Costa. Contact Mrs. Costa ( for more information and to join.


A Driver Education course is offered four times during the year: fall, winter, spring and early summer. Each course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of behind-the wheel driving. Classes are held after school for about four weeks. The instructors will inform students of the length of the classes.

By state law, a student may not enroll in the classroom or driving sessions before his 16th birthday. Student must be 16 years old before being allowed in the class or behind the wheel with and instructor. Driving periods will be scheduled for after school and on weekends. We try to accommodate students who have jobs or participate in athletic programs.

Prior to completion of his behind-the-wheel training, the student is expected to have paid the total course fee of $470. When the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of the course have been completed, the student will be issued his ss-1 form. He can then go to the DMV and take the vision and computer portion of the test and schedule the driving portion. Student must provide a car for their test. Driver Education vehicles may not be used for the test.

As part of the state laws regarding driver education enacted Aug. 1, 2008, parents must attend a 2-hour evening class with their student. There will be one date per class session. If a parent is unable to attend the date for that session, they may attend a date in another session. This requirement must be complete prior to the issuing of final paperwork.

In order to continue to provide our students with the same quality of Driver Education program that has been in existence at Xavier since 1965, Xavier has leased two Driver Education cars from Middletown Nissan. Our leasing costs are relatively low. Xavier is very grateful for their willingness to help our program continue at the lowest possible price to our students.

Because of the leasing cost and increased gas prices, the cost of the course is $470, which is still lower than that of most commercial driving schools. A $235 deposit (checks made out to Xavier High School) must accompany the registration form when it is returned to the business office. Final payment of $235 will be due before the student finishes his 8 hours of behind-the-wheel driving.

Instructor: Mr. Braychak. Contact Mr. Braychak ( for more information. 



Members of this club learn the principles of engineering and apply them to a number of different problems.

Students are able to learn real life engineering problem-solving skills while working with engineers and using the most up-to-date software in the aeronautical design industry today.

In recent years the engineering club has participated in the Real World Design Challenge which deals with aeronautical design. There are both state and national contests incorporated in the RWDC. Xavier has finished first in the National Real World Design Challenge in 2011, 2012 and 2016. In 2020, due to the pandemic, Xavier qualified for the national competition, which was held virtually instead of in Washington, D.C.

Moderator: Mr. Doherty. Contact Mr. Doherty ( for more information and to join.


In Envirothon, students explore the categories of wildlife, forestry, soils, aquatics, plus one current issue that changes each year. Seven students are selected in the spring to represent the school at the statewide competition. This competition is held entirely in the field with appropriate stations set for each of the five major categories.

Moderator: Ms. Griffen. Contact Ms. Griffen ( for more information and to join.


E-Sports is a competitive gaming environment that allows team competition. Xavier fields teams in League of Legends, Smite, and Rocket League.

League of Legends would be considered an online multiplayer battle arena where a squad of five heroes (or summoners) battle against an opposing squad of five heroes to destroy the opposing base (or Nexus).

In Smite, players control a god, goddess, or other mythological figure, and take part in team-based combat, using their abilities and tactics against other player-controlled gods and non-player-controlled minions.

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game where teams of three pilot vehicles in an attempt to get a ball into the opposing team’s goal.

League of Legends matches are held on Tuesdays while Smite and Rocket League matches are played on Thursdays.

The 2020-21 school year is the third official E-Sports season in Connecticut. Xavier’s Rocket League team has won the state championship each of the first two years. Its Smite team also won a state title in the 2019-20 school year.

Moderator: Mr. Fowler. Contact Mr. Fowler ( for more information and to join.


The Fishing Club provides students the opportunity to fish local fresh water bodies. The club allows students to try fishing for the first time, as well as provide the more experienced student angler opportunities to hone his skills and to share his skills with others.

Moderator: Mr. Braychak. Contact Mr. Braychak ( for more information and to join.


Students have the opportunity to learn and hone their skills in a variety of games including collectible card games, board games and video games.

Moderator: Mr. Fowler. Contact Mr. Fowler ( for more information and to join.


This club exposes students to beginning conversational Italian as well as activities/discussion relative to Italian cuisine, Roman architecture and Italian culture.

Moderator: Mr. Grasso. Contact Mr. Grasso ( to join or for more information.

The Kestrel is Xavier's on-line school newspaper. Click here.
Moderator: Mr. St. George. Contact Mr. St. George (  to join or for more information.


Sketches, Xavier’s literary magazine, features poetry, short stories, reflections on life at Xavier High School and the world beyond, and a sampling of visual works by student artists. The magazine offers interested students a place where they can independently indulge and shape their own creative energies outside the structured environment of the classroom. It is open to students of all grade levels. The good news: There are no meetings! Students should submit work in person or via email to Mr. McGrath.

Moderator: Mr. McGrath. Contact Mr. McGrath ( for more information. 

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Students meet for practice rounds and review as preparation for monthly Middlesex County Math League contests. Xavier's team has a strong history of performing very well, qualifying for state, regional and national contests.

Moderators: Mr. Traceski and Mr. Gargano. Contact Mr. Traceski ( or Mr. Gargano ( for more information and to join.


Students involved in Model Congress study and research American political issues with the intent of representing states and role-playing officeholders at the University Mock Congresses, such as the Yale Model Congress.

Moderator: Mr. Royce. Contact Mr. Royce for more information and to join.


Students simulate courtroom activity, study a case, and role-play attorneys and witnesses. Students compete against other Connecticut high schools in an annual Mock Trial Competition held in December.

Moderator: Mr. Aaron King. Contact Mr. King ( for more information and to join.


Members of the Model U.N. club learn the processes and significance of the United Nations as they act as delegates for member countries, attend conferences where they role play, serve on committees and diligently represent their nations. Current important international issues are explored.

Moderator: Mr. Royce. Contact Mr. Royce ( to join or for more information.



MYARC (Middlesex Youth ARC, Inc.) is a volunteer service organization. Its purpose is dedicated to the philosophy that growth and personal development occur as a result of social interactions between persons with intellectual disabilities and the students of Xavier and Mercy High Schools. MYARC is an independent organization that is affiliated with MARC Community Resources. This program encourages creativity and a real sense of accomplishment for those who participate. Student volunteers from Mercy and Xavier are a group of young people with a unique sense of responsibility and dedication to community service.

Moderator: TBA

The Monsignor Wilson Chapter of the National Honor Society includes qualified juniors and seniors. Each member is provided with a handbook which outlines the Chapter rules and regulations. Besides honoring outstanding students, the main thrust of the local chapter is to give service to the school community. Members of the society are expected to tutor students and to assist at parent programs, special Masses, Chapter service projects, Alumni Association events, and whenever called upon by any segment of the school community. Each member is required to perform twelve (12) hours of service each year according to NHS Handbook guidelines.

Tutoring is perhaps the society's chief activity. Tutoring is done on the basis of need and at a convenient time for both parties at school and is prefected by the moderator. At the end of each marking period, tutors write reports of each student for his teacher and guidance counselor. Tutoring is done in addition to the extra help that is given by the subject teacher.

Moderators: Ms. Lee ( and Brother John Sullivan, C.F.X. (


The club give students the opportunity to engage with the greatest thinkers in the Catholic and Western philosophical traditions regarding questions that get to the heart of what it means to be a human being. Students explore topics such as ethics, politics, and religion with the help of philosophers who have best shed light on answers to perennial questions relating to all these areas and more. This takes place through informal discussion and various events throughout the year.

Moderator: Mr. Guinan. Contact Mr. Guinan (  to join or for more information.


The Photography Club allows students to explore the medium and advance their skills. Students discuss photographic composition, learn about camera settings, experiment with shooting techniques, and photograph various subjects (people, animals, landscapes, etc) under a variety of conditions. In addition to learning the art of photography, students are encouraged to submit their photography to Xavier publications; such as the school website and the yearbook. Students are also encouraged to offer submissions to Xavier's two Fine Arts exhibits, as well as local and national competitions.

Moderator: Mr. Braychak. Contact Mr. Braychak ( for more information and to join.


The Principal’s Advisory Council is made up of juniors and seniors and serves to advise the principal on matters that pertain to the student body. The goal of the council is to find ways in which the student body and the principal can work together to make the Xavier experience as positive as possible for all Xavier students. The council meets monthly to discuss ways in which the positive aspects of the student experience can be enhanced and to address areas in which the student experience can be improved.

Moderator: Mr. Donohue. Students interested in joining the council must apply and interview with Principal Donohue (


The Railroad Club is open to all students who have an interest in trains, either model railroading and/or the real thing. The club has a designated area in the school building where it is beginning to re-build an HO scale model railroad. A railroad library of train books and magazines is also part of the club room. During the last several school years and summers, club members have taken long and short distance trips to various hubs to see real railroading in action. Included in this travel list would be Cumberland, MD; Altoona, Scranton, and Lancaster, PA; Amsterdam, Herkimer, Binghamton, and Delanson, NY; Boston, Worcester, Framingham, and Ayer, MA; Trenton and Princeton Junction, NJ; and Old Saybrook and New Haven, CT. All Aboard!

Moderator: Brother Ryan, C.F.X. Contact Brother Ryan (  for more information and to join the club.


The Ryken Service Society is an outgrowth of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools' student programs. Taking its name from the founder of the Xaverian Brothers, Theodore James Ryken, the society's aims are to encourage students to become involved with the various service opportunities provided through the school and through their faith communities. What the group provides is the time and place to put those experiences into a context of faith and vocation. The members participate in prayer that reflects the spiritual dimension of service. They are also introduced to people who work within Christian Service Organizations. Members of this society become aware of peace and justice issues.

The first Friday of the month there is a drive sponsored by the Ryken Service Society in which all Xavier students are asked to bring in canned goods for the Amazing Grace Food Pantry in Middletown. The motto is "Be A Man And Bring A Can."

Moderator: Mr. Tyrol. Contact Mr. Tyrol ( for more information and to join the club.


Ski trips are open to all students, and skiers and riders of all levels are invited. As part of the group, students go on day trips to various ski resorts in New England. Trips are usually held on a Saturday between January and March, with a goal of at least two trips per year. Past trips have been to Killington, Stratton, Mount Snow, and Okemo.

Moderator: Mr. Otterbein. Contact Mr. Otterbein ( for more information and to attend a trip or trips.


Students are involved in decision-making through their elected representatives who constitute the Student Activities Council (SAC). Mrs. Braychak in the senior class moderator; Mrs. Keereweer is the junior class moderator; Ms. Keefe is the sophomore class moderator; Mr. Guinan is the freshman class moderator.

SAC officers are elected each spring and include a student body president, vice president, secretary and treasurer; a senior class president and vice president; a junior class president and VP; and a sophomore class president and VP. A freshman class president and VP are elected in the fall. Candidates must be approved by the Dean of Students.

The elected officers comprise the executive council , which leads the student executive board. The student council with the faculty and administration coordinates activities and generates enthusiasm for class activities.

Moderator: Mrs. Keereweer. Contact Mrs. Keereweer ( for more information.


Students examine issues such as euthanasia, suicide, abortion, capital punishment, poverty, pollution, war, materialism, and other issues concerning life. The core group sponsors and organizes guest speakers, debates, and annually participates in the National Right To Life March in Hartford.

Moderator: Mr. Lyons. Contact Mr. Lyons ( for more information and to join.


The Xavier Outdoors Club (XOC) is a group dedicated to hosting outdoor adventures in the company of fellow students in an effort to grow appreciation for the glory of nature. Outdoor adventures will include but are not limited to hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and backpacking.

Moderator: Mr. Elligers. Contact Mr. Elligers ( for more information and to join.


Xavier TV is Xavier’s film, video, and multimedia club. Students are encouraged and taught how to use cameras, film videos, and edit them. Over the years students have created documentaries, fiction movies, conducted interviews with faculty/staff, and more! As much as possible, all work is broadcast on Xavier TV social media as well as published on the school TVs for the school to see!

Moderator: Mr. Doherty. Contact Mr. Doherty ( for more information and to join the club.

XTV Live broadcasts school events through Non-sporting events (Masses, Graduation, etc.) are free to view at any time. Sporting events require a paid subscription to to view within 72 hours of the event. After 72 hours, all sporting events are free to view on-demand.
Moderator: Mr Mule. Contact Mr. Mule ( if you would like to help out. 


The DON, the name of Xavier's yearbook since the first one was published in 1967, exists to give an account of the year's activities at Xavier. Students meet weekly during the school year.

Moderators: Brother John Sullivan, C.F.X., and Mrs. Duffey. Contact them (, for more information and to join.