Legacy Families

What Does Legacy Mean at Xavier?


At Xavier High School, tradition is important.


Our Legacy families help connect Xavier to the past and represent an essential part of our future.


The Legacy Registry is an honor roll comprised of grandfathers, fathers and sons, who have graduated from Xavier.


Since 1991, Xavier High School has recognized its legacy families at each commencement ceremony. As part of a powerful presentation, alumni fathers receive a legacy medal from their graduating sons. The moment, which comes at about the halfway point of graduation, is an important part of Xavier.


It represents the shared values between generations of Xavier men and the passing of the torch to a new group of leaders.


We have done our best to verify the names of grandfathers, fathers and sons, but we need your help, too. If you notice any families missing or incorrect information, please contact the advancement office at 860-346-7735


Joseph Collins, father of Ian Collins ’06

Mark Corvo, father of Max ’98, Robert Corvo ’00 and Gregory Corvo ’05

Frederick Hickey, father of Brian Hickey ’98 and Kevin Hickey ’01 

William Klein, father of William Klein ’00 and Andrew Klein ’03

Thomas Kronenberger, father of Thomas Kronenberger ’04 

Michael Micowski, father of Matthew Micowski ’02 and Mark Micowski ’07   

Frederick Miller, father of Evan Miller, ’05 

*Matthew Natalie, father of Mathew Natale ’88 

Lawrence Nocera, father of Stephen Nocera ’01

Anthony Reneson, father of Robert Reneson ’02 

Garrett Schultz, father of Tyler Schultz ’11 

Michael Tommasi, father of John Michael Tommasi ’11 

Gregory Waz, father of Matthew Waz ’92 

Glenn Wilson, father of Jason Wilson ’01 and Scott Wilson ’02 


Thaddeus Bysiewicz, father of Theodore Bysiewicz ’98 

Francis Dunn Jr., father of Matthew Dunn ’96 

John Kalinowski, father of Kevin Kalinowski ’94 

John Larson, father of Jeffrey Larson ’96 

Mark Lefebvre, father of Matthew Lefebvre ’02 and Michael Lefebvre ’05 

Richard Lewis, father of Ryan Lewis ’06 

Theodore Miazga, father of Jeffrey Miazga ’99 

*Wallace R. Miramant Jr., father of Jason Miramant ’94 

Gerald Nellis, father of Matthew Nellis ’96 

Gene Nocera, father of Chris Nocera, ’95 

Anthony Omicioli, father of Bryan Omicioli ’01 

Rodney Pelletier, father of Matthew Pelletier ’96 

Charles Rayner, father of Geoffrey Rayner, ’89 

John Rizza, father of Brendan Rizza ’18 

Stanley Stachura Jr., father of Brennen Stachura ’97 

Thomas Tierney, father of Michael Tierney ’01 

Leon Vinci, father of Douglas Vinci, ’97 

Stephen Weaver, father of Andrew Weaver ’91, Christopher Weaver ’93 and Charles Weaver ’97 

*Steven White, father of Patrick White ’93 


Stephen Annelli, father of Stephen Annelli ’03 and Jonathan Annelli ’11 

Edward Annino, father of Michael Annino ’91 

Edward Augeri, stepfather of Sean Strain ’03 

Donald Bascom, father of Brian Bascom ’10 

Joseph Bordieri Jr., father of Joseph Bordieri III ’00 

John Coates, father of Jonathan Coates ’03 

William Corvo, father of Brian Corvo ’92 

*Richard Dawe, father of Timothy Dawe ’96 

Anthony Jaskot, father of Daniel Jaskot ’98, Gregory Jaskot ’00 and Matthew Jaskot ’02 

Richard Keithan, father of Jonathan Keithan ’96 and Christopher Keithan ’99 

Joseph P. Labbadia, father of Joseph L. Labbadia ’92 and David Labbadia ’93 

William A. Longo, father of William J. Longo ’96 and Matthew Longo ’00 

Richard Magner, father of Timothy Magner ’97

Edward Opalacz, father of Brian Opalacz ’04 

David Papallo, father of Matthew Papallo ’02 

Steven Perruccio, father of Todd Perruccio ’89

Richard Pytlik, father of Matthew Pytlik ’01 

Thomas Sebold, father of Matthew Sebold ’99


Peter Amato, father of Daniel Amato ’00 

George Baroni, father of David Baroni ’05 

John Bettencourt, father of Scott Bettencourt ’97 

James Camire, father of Steven Camire ’96 and Robert Camire ’02 

Carl Carta, father of Michael Carta ’13 

Gerald Daley, father of Brendan Daley ’00 

Stephen DelSole, father of Christopher DelSole ’99 

Thomas DeLude, father of Thomas DeLude ’98 and Michael DeLude ’01 

Gary Faraci, father of Samuel Faraci ’01 

Leonard Fredericks, father of Alexander Fredericks ’10 

Gary Giannelli, father of Anthony Giannelli ’01, Eugene Giannelli ’04 and Francis Giannelli ’11 

Sebastian Giuliano, father of Nicholas Giuliano ’01 and Paul Giuliano ’08 

Joseph Krywinski, father of David Krywinski ’00 

John Matyjas, father of John Matyjas ’01 

Arthur McDowell, father of Darren McDowell ’05 

Daniel Miramant, father of Matthew Miramant ’98 

David O’Brien, father of Kevin O’Brien ’03 and Christopher O’Brien ’07 

Bryan Southall, father of Erik Southall ’95 

Ralph Tosto, father of David Tosto ’96 

Gregory Zajac, father of Joseph Zajac ’03 and Jonathan Zajac ’08 



Donald Curley, father of Ryan Curley ’04 

William Dykas, father of Kevin Dykas ’99 and Daniel Dykas ’02 

Clarence Fillmore, father of Shawn Fillmore ’93 

Mark Fontanella, father of Michael Fontanella ’02 

Charles Gawlak, father of Steven Gawlak ’05 and Jake Gawlak ’10 

Robert Jakubiec, father of Robert C. Jakubiec ’95 and stepfather of James Pellerin ’00

Michael Kokoszka, father of Patrick Kokoszka ’08 

Lewis Labbadia, father of Christopher Labbadia ’96 and Craig Labbadia ’98 

William Lowry, father of Benjamin Lowry ’99 

Thomas Mahoney, father of Brendan Mahoney ’01 

Jeffrey Melien, father of Andrew Melien ’03, John Melien ’06 and Timothy Melien ’06 

John Otfinoski, stepfather of Craig Molter ’94, and father of Jerid Otfinoski ’01 and Garett Otfinoski ’04 

William Sbona, father of Anthony Sbona ’08 

*Robert Shukis, father of James Shukis ’96, Christopher Shukis ’98 and Ryan Shukis ’01 

David Suzio, father of Jeffrey Suzio ’05 

James Witkowski, father of Joseph Witkowski ’06 


Edward Boothroyd, father of Ryan Boothroyd ’00 and Jason Boothroyd ’02 

Louis Calamari, father of Brian Calamari ’05 and Kevin Calamari ’07 

Frank Calamaro, father of Brendan Calamaro ’02 

John Deegan, father of Justin Deegan ’00 

John DiStefano, father of Cole DiStefano ’05 

Robert Dodenhoff, father of Michael Dodenhoff ’09 and Robert Dodenhoff ’12 

Albert Duguay, father of Jason Duguay ’01 

Kenneth Galanto, father of Luke Galanto ’99 and Marc Galanto ’00 

Salvatore Gallitto, father of Robert Gallitto ’00 

Edmund Gioielli,  father of Nicholas ’19

Jeffrey Jolie, father of Christopher Jolie ’02 

Paul Morello, father of Matthew ’05 and John-Paul Morrello ’13 

Stanislaus Opalacz, father of Stefan Opalacz ’12 

John Tomasiello, father of Adam Tomasiello ’09 and Peter Tomasiello ’12 

Stephen Travis, father of Shaun Travis, ’92

David Visconti Sr., father of David Visconti Jr. ’00


Emanuel Amato, father of Neil Amato ’03 and Christopher Amato ’05 

William Champagne, father of Jeffrey Champagne ’16 

Salvatore Emanuele Sr., father of Salvatore Emanuele Jr. ’97 

Philip Franklin, father of Ryan Franklin ’03 

Henry Jemiola Jr., father of Henry Jemiola III ’00 and Jason Jemiola ’04 

David Leone, father of Anthony Leone ’06 

Gary Marino, father of Gregory Marino ’10 

Joseph Marino, father of Christopher Marino ’06 

Steven McDowell, father of Steven McDowell ’00 

Robert McGuinness Sr., father of Robert McGuinness Jr. ’00 and Scott McGuinness ’05 

Thomas Nigosanti, father of Eric Nigosanti ’05 

Carl Psoter, father of Robert Psoter ’08 

William Reiman, father of Michael Reiman ’99 

Richard Roberts, father of Kyle Roberts ’09 

Guy Russo, father of Gabriel Russo ’99 

Joseph Siena, father of John Siena ’97 

Fredrick Tremalgia, father of Christopher Tremalgia ’05 

*Jeffrey Walker, father of Ryan Walker ’05 

Gregory Woods Sr., father of Gregory Woods Jr. ’12 


John Boothroyd, father of Robert Boothroyd ’05 

*Joseph Formica Sr., father of *Joseph Formica Jr. ’02 

John Galanto, father of Matthew Galanto ’01 and Christopher Galanto ’02 

Jack Gastler, father of John Gastler ’05 

Francis Gilbert, father of Justin Gilbert ’11 

John Hannen, father of Lucas Hannen ’13 

Carey Hewitt, father of Shawn Hewitt ’10 

Robert Kalber, father of *Eric Kalber ’04 

Kevin Mischke, father of Eric Mischke ’11 and Michael Mischke ’12 

Christian Mularski, father of Matthew Mularski ’97 and Jeremy Mularski ’00 

Jeffrey Pattavina, father of Michael Pattavina ’05 and Stephen Pattavina ’09 

James Satagaj, father of Jordan Satagaj ’02

Peter R. Turano, father of David Turano ’98 


Mark Appellof, father of Kyle Appellof ‘07

Steven Blatchley, father of John Blatchley ’04 

Martin Bogdan, father of Jason Bogdan ’07 

Joseph Cannata, father of Christian Cannata ’13

David Chapman, father of Nicholas Chapman ’11 

Richard Darin, father of Richard Darin ’18 

Walter Gayeski, father of Joseph Gayeski ’11 

Christopher Graham, father of Ryan Graham ’08 

William Kalista, father of Ryan Kalista ’00, Thomas Kalista ’07 and Nathan Kalista ’08 

Mark Kisner, father of Michael Kisner ’05 and Thomas Kisner ’07 

Brian Kronenberger, father of Brian Kronenberger ’06, Jason Kronenberger ’10 and Frank Kronenberger ’13

Salvatore Marino, father of Preston Marino ’05 

Peter Mondani Sr., father of Peter Mondani Jr. ’06 and Mark Mondani ’10 

Joseph Murdocca, father of Joseph Murdocca ’99 and William Murdocca ’01

John Nettis, father of Matthew Nettis ’04 and Christopher Nettis ’05

David Satagaj, father of Gregory Satagaj ’08 

Todd Shemeth, father of Gabe Shemeth ’16 

Michael Shukis, father of Jonathan Shukis ’06 

Robert Stachura, father of Robert Stachura ’09 

Thomas Sweeney, father of Sean Sweeney ’08 

Donald Thompson, father of Daniel Thompson ’14 

Gary Wilkins, father of James Wilkins ’07 

William Wrang III, father William Wrang IV ’11 

Thomas Wrinn, father of Thomas Wrinn ’17 


Robert Bourne, father of Andrew Bourne ’11 and Luke Bourne ’16

David Campisi, father of Matthew Campisi ’07 

John Corona, father of John Corona ’10 

Joseph DeMaio, father of Joseph DeMaio ’09 and Vincent DeMaio ’16 

Joseph Drexler, father of Joseph Drexler ’05 

Joseph Hickey, father of Daniel Hickey ’08 

*David LaBarge, father of Michael LaBarge ’02 

Thomas McDowell, father of Joseph McDowell ’04 

Joseph Micale, stepfather of Michael Boornazian ’11

Joseph Poppalardo, father of Joseph Poppalardo ’98 and Christopher Poppalardo ’99 

Christopher Smith, father of Christopher Smith ’99 and Brendan Smith ’02 

Joseph Virgadula, father of Louis Virgadula ’07 and Tomas Virgadula ’10 


Raymond Jacobs, father of Brent Jacobs ’05

Larry Jones, father Trent Jones ’09

Peter LaMalfa Jr., father of Matthew LaMalfa ’08 and Peter LaMalfa III ’10

John Lobb, father of Michael Lobb ’07 

Anthony Lyons, father of Matthew Lyons ’13 

Mark Piontkowski, father of Mark Piontkowski, ’09 

Kevin Rarey, father of Mitchell Rarey ’02, Jonathan Rarey ’10 and Alex Rarey ’11 

Richard Stanton, father of Hayden Stanton ’10 

Thomas Sullivan, father of Brandon Sullivan ’10 

Gary Szewczyk, father of Bryan Szewczyk ’13 

Christopher T. Talevi, father Christopher K. Televi ’07 

William Warzecha, father of Thomas Warzecha ’14 


Carmelo Aresco, father of Christopher Aresco ’07 and Daniel Aresco ’08 

Paul Barbagallo, father of Sebastian Barbagallo ’03 and Marcus Barbagallo ’04 

Ralph Birney, father of Ryan Birney ’10 

Thomas Boothroyd, father of Alexander Boothroyd ’17 

James Botti, father of Nicoli Botti ’96 

David Brede, father of David Brede ’04 and Michael Brede ’07 

Robert Briggs, father of Michael Briggs ’02  

Donald Butterworth, father of Timothy Butterworth ’05 

Scott Colavito, father of Jonathan Colavito ’18 

Richard Cunningham, father of Collin Cunningham ’05 and Brian Cunningham ’10 

Thomas Cushing, father of Brendan Cushing ’05

Mark Danko, father of Christopher Danko ’11 and Corey Danko ’13 

Jeffrey Del Favero, father of Jeffrey Del Favero II ’06 

Gregory Harwood, father of Channing Harwood ’08 

Steven Johnson, father of David Johnson ’06 

Daniel Kelly, father of Joshua Kelly ’03 and Justin Kelly ’06

James Killen, father of Matthew Killen ’07, Thomas Killen ’08 and Michael Killen ’12 

Brian Mularski, father of Brian Mularski ’03 

John Pennuto, father of Michael Pennuto ’03 and Marc Pennuto ’05 

Robert Perrotti, father of Anthony Perrotti ’09 and Frank Perrotti ’17

William Pitruzzello, father of Nathan Pitruzzello ’14 

Brian Renstrom, Patrick Renstrom ’10 

Alan Schumann, father of Matthew Schumann ’05 

Steven Virgadaula, father of Daniel Virgadaula ’08 

Timothy Witherell, father of Brian Witherell ’12 

Frank Wolak, father of John Wolak ’09 and David Wolak ’10 

Timothy Wrinn, father of Owen Wrinn ’14 and Colin Wrinn ’15


Barry Bonin, father of Taylor Bonin ’11 

William Curtin, father of Evan Curtin ’16 

Patrick D’Amato Sr., father of Patrick D’Amato Jr. ’12 

Jay Doolittle, father of Jonathan Doolittle ’05 

Jonathan Doolittle, father of Joshua Doolittle, ’06

Gegory Hancock, father of Matthew Hancock ’07 

John Kycia, father of John Kycia ’08 and Matthew Kycia ’11

Joseph La Bella, father of James La Bella ’16 and Michael La Bella ’16 

Glen Manemeit, father of Christopher Manemeit ’02 

David Meehl, father of David Meehl ’06 

Craig Nielsen, father of David Nielsen ’07 and Thomas Nielsen ’09 

Norman Pietruska, father of Kyle Pietruska ’10 

Glenn Russo, father of Anthony Russo ’04 and David Russo ’07 

Kenneth Sarpu, father of Brendan Sarpu ’08 and Kevin Sarpu ’11 

Joseph Tine III, father of Joseph Tine IV ’07 


Thomas Byrne, father of Garrett Byrne ’09 and Riley Byrne ’14 

Thomas Coughlin, father of Thomas Coughlin ’09 

Geoffrey DeVille, father of Geoffrey DeVille ’12 and Ryan DeVille ’14 

David Faraci, father of Nathaniel Faraci ’14 

David Gilbert, father of George Gilbert ’12 

Sean Marinan, father of Sean Marinan ’12 and Paul Marinan ’15 

Philip Nettis, father of Vincent Nettis ’13 and Nicholas Nettis ’15 

Robert Vess, father of Adam Vess ’07 


James Bacon, father of Michael Bacon ’11 and Thomas Bacon ’14 

Norbert Bissonnette, father of Matthew Bissonnette ’07 

Vincent Carta, stepfather of William Hamilton ’98 

Randy Catapano, father of Kevin Catapano ’17 

Ron Cozean, father of Robbie Cozean ’20

Mark Dobler, father of Derek Dobler ’10 and Daniel Dobler ’13

Sebastian Fazzino Sr., father of Sebastian Fazzino Jr ’19

George Keithan, father of Adam Keithan ’07 and George Keithan ’11 

Michael Labella, father of Coby Labella ’17 

John Marriott, father of John Marriott ’12 

Paul Maturo, father of Nicholas Maturo ’14 

Francis McNulty, father of Francis McNulty ’09 

Joseph Muraca, father of Adam Muraca ’14 

Robert Ricard, father of David Ricard ’07 and Nicholas Ricard ’10 

Marc Sowa, father of Kristopher Sowa ’07, Ryan Sowa ’13 and Nicholas Sowa ’14 


Edward Adametz, father of Edward Adametz ’17 

Christopher Cambareri, father of Joseph Cambareri ’15 

Thomas Cartelli, father of Ryan T. Cartelli, ’18 

Gary DiDato, father of Matthew DiDato ’11 and Nicholas DiDato ’16 

John DiMauro, father of John DiMauro ’11 and Joseph DiMauro ’17 

Robert Fitch, father of Ian Fitch ’12 and Jon-Patrick Fitch ’15 

Henry Fredericks, father of Michael Fredericks ’13 and Thomas Fredericks ’15 

Michael Garofalo, father of Ryan Garofalo ’14 and Jakob Garofalo ’17 

William Gautieri, father of Kevin Gautieri ’15 

William Kiley, father of Nathan Kiley ’17 

Vincent Ruffino, father of Vincent Ruffino ’10 

Richard Sena, father of Tyler Sena ’11 

Kevin Sheehy, father of Brian Sheehy ’13 

David Tobias, father of Matthew Tobias ’09, Nathan Tobias ’11 and Kevin Tobias ’14 



Steven Berry, father of Matthew Berry ’18 

Joseph Biega, father of Joseph Biega ’08 and James Biega ’13 

William Donahue, father of Connor Donahue ’10 

Michael Epright, father of Michael Epright ’14

Giulio Giuffrida III,  father of Giulio Giuffrida IV ’19

Thomas Hutton, father of Thomas Hutton ’12 

Vincent Lagana, father of Victor Lagana ’13 

Joseph Lentini, father of Joseph Lentini ’12 

Robert McGinley, father of Daniel McGinley ’16 

Richard Saks, father of Justin Saks ’16 and Griffin Saks ’18 

Brian Selfors, father of Dillon Selfors ’19

Drew Stevenson, father of Owen Stevenson ’17 

Stephan Voghell, father of Lucas Voghell ’16



*Robert Aube, father of Jack Aube ’16 

William Cahill, father of Liam Cahill ’14 and Declan Cahill ’17

Thomas Cooke, father of Maxwell Cooke ’17 and Thomas Cooke ’20

James Coughlin, father of Emmett Coughlin ’13 and Liam Coughlin ’16

Nicholas DeFelice, father of Nicholas DeFelice ’16 

Carl Erlacher, father of Nicholas Erlacher ’12 

John Ginty, father of Aaron Ginty ’15 and Noah Ginty ’16

Joseph Guerra, father of Samuel Guerra ’16 

Michael Kohs, father of Stephen Kohs ’20

David Lee, father of Jacob Lee ’18 

Robert Mazzotta, father of Christian Mazzotta ’18 

Manuel Quintana, father of Francisco Quintana ’19

Jeffrey Schroeder, father of Kyle Schroeder ’13 



Charles Carroll, father of Tucker Carroll ’20

Peter DeRita, father of Nicholas DeRita ’10 

David Doyle, father of Alexander Doyle ’17 

Anthony Franco, father of Anthony Franco ’16 

*Mark Goldner, father of Patrick Goldner ’15 

Scott Jenkins, father of Alexander Jenkins ’15 

Gerald Malloy, father of Collin Malloy ’18 

Mario Mazzotta, father of Luigi Mazzotta ’10 and Nicholas Mazzotta ’12

Patrick Precourt, father of Patrick Precourt ’15 

*Steven P. St. Jean Sr., father of Steven P. St. Jean Jr. ’07 


Stephen Antogiovanni, stepfather of Michael Marino ’07 

Raymond Bankoski, father of Ethan Bankoski ’14 

Christopher Codeanne, father of Patrick Codeanne ’ 20

Brian Farrell, Jr., father of Brian J. Farrell ’18 

Joseph Inglis, father of Alexander Inglis ’20

Robert Klein, father of Joshua Klein ’08 

Timothy Lombardo, father of Andrew Lombardo ’14 

Michael Masselli, father of Brian Masselli ’20

Richard Morin, father of Eric Morin ’16 and Daniel Morin ’18 

Carl Pitruzzello, father of Nicholas Pitruzzello ’17  and Eric Pitruzzello ’20

Roland Stanley, father of Roland Stanley ’11 

Dana Wilson, father of Justin Wilson ’17 

Dwayne Xenelis, father of Jackson Xenelis ’15 


Richard Anziano, father of Dominic Anziano ’19

Thomas Belzek, father of Jacob Belzek ’19

Kyle Carso, father of Nicholas Carso ’19

Jeffrey Colandrea, father of Jared Colandrea ’17 

Michael D’Aresta, father of Michael D’Aresta ’19

Robert DeFilio, stepfather of Shawn Christopher ’10 

Richard Dighello, father of Nicholas Dighello ’20

Richard Duffy, father of Sean Duffy ’17 

Daniel Flynn, father of Connor Flynn ’16 

Bryan Goff, father of Noah Goff ’16 and Nathaniel Goff ’17 

Yale Gordon, father of Zachary Gordon ’17


Eric Aresco, father of Eric Aresco ’13

Daniel Fagan, father of Cory Fagan ’07 and Timothy Fagan ’12

Salvatore Fazzino, father of Joshua Fazzino ’18 

Steven Saraceno, father of Christian Saraceno ’14 

James Truscinski, father of Braden Truscinski ’18 


Stephen Antogiovanni, stepfather of Michael Marino ’07

Joseph Aresco, father of Devin Aresco ’17 

Eric Daigle, father of Matthew Daigle ’15


Christopher Cahill, father of Owen Cahill ’20

Richard Cote, father of Austin Cote ’16 

William Dziatko, father of Michael Dziatko ’17

Kyle Dillon, father of Liam Dillon ’20

Greg Lallier, father of William ’20


Adam Brown, father of Andrew Brown ’20

Jack Oliveira, father of John Oliveira ’16 
Christopher Daigle, father of Dylan Daigle ’17