Why Xavier?

Since 1963 Xavier has been building men out of boys. There is an X Factor to it all. That something special, that someone special, that moment in time that can change a life. It is that which makes Xavier unique, separates its students from others, takes them to the highest level.

It is the challenge at this private, all-boys Catholic high school to become a Xavier man who EXCELS.


E is for Expect To Excel

From sports to clubs to the classroom, excellence is a way of life.

  • Xavier has 98 state and New England titles in athletics.
  • Its Engineering Team has won four national titles and one international title since 2011, and its Robotics team is nationally recognized.
  • The school has one National Merit semifinalist and four Commended Students in the Class of 2021 as well as 26 Distinguished Scholars in the Class of 2021. 


X is for Xaverian Tradition

The building blocks to set you up for a lifetime.


  • The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools inspire lives of learning, faith and service. Humility, trust, zeal, compassion, and simplicity are the values of the Xaverian Brothers.
  • It is a close-knit community: There are only 13 XBSS schools in the United States.
  • Masses, a Peer Ministry program, prayer services, Eucharistic Adoration, and religion courses help mold the spiritual side of the student.


C is for Challenge Yourself

We expect a lot, but give the tools to help make it happen.

  • In January 2021 Xavier was named a Top 10 high school for total number of students enrolled as well as most credit hours taken in the UConn ECE program for the 2021-2022 academic year. Xavier was No. 7 with 220 students enrolled and No. 4 with 1,710 UConn credit hours taken.
  • Play one or more of 21 sports offered, join any of the 37 clubs, participate in the fall play and/or spring musical, go on a service trip in the U.S. or Guatemala.
  • Use all of your God-given talents to help others and respond to the school motto, “Be A Man.”


E is for Each Other

All for one and one for all … we’re in this together.

  • The students can be more focused and are taught by teachers who teach and relate specifically to boys.
  • The environment fosters a camaraderie and meaningful, lifelong relationships.
  • There is a feeling of community among the boys that extends to the faculty, staff and alumni. Find yourself, there is something for everyone.


L is for Leadership

See a hole, fill it. Notice a need, take care of it. Grow into the person you want to become. No restrictions, just encouragement.

  • Do as about 75 incoming seniors do each year in August: participate in the Xavier Leadership Institute (XLI), a weeklong event.
  • Become part of the Big Falcon/Little Falcon program. Each freshman – or transfer student – is assigned a senior, a Big Falcon, who will be able to help in the transition into a new school.
  • Become a driving force among your peers in any number of ways, from being a sports team captain to starting your own initiative or club.

S is for Service

We are called to help others, central to the Xavier experience.

  • There is an international service trip to Guatemala every year and a domestic trip to Camden, N.J.
  • There are many local service opportunities throughout the academic year, many of them posted outside the Campus Ministry office. A graduate will have done at least 65 hours of community service. So many go beyond the basic requirement.
  • The Ryken Service Society runs a monthly canned food drive to benefit the Amazing Grace Food Pantry in Middletown. In some years more than 10,000 cans are collected.