The Xavier Seal


There are seven parts to the Xavier seal.

“The school seal illustrates for us the fact that Xavier High School is built on a rock solid foundation,” Principal Brendan Donohue tells the freshman class each year. “A foundation which transcends, or rises above, the passing things of this world. It shows that we have a sense of permanence and a strong legacy to fall back on. It actually gives us great comfort to know and understand our school seal.”

The seven parts as broken down in a 1966 brochure:

The Xavier High School seal.

The torch in the center of the seal “signifies TRUTH. Really to BE A MAN one must perfect his mind by growing in the knowledge of all that is TRUE.”

The heart is placed to the right of the X and “symbolizes GOODNESS. Really to BE A MAN one must perfect his will by increasing in the love of all that is GOOD.”

The flower under the X “signifies BEAUTY. Really to BE A MAN one ought to perfect all of his senses by advancing in the appreciation of all that is BEAUTIFUL.”

The entwined rings to the left of the X “symbolize oneness. Really to be a man one should perfect all his powers so as ultimately to gain possession of THE TRUTH, THE GOOD, THE BEAUTIFUL --- God in his ONENESS.”

The shield and the X “symbolizes St. Francis Xavier and Xavier High School, dedicated to the patron of the missions and of the Xaverian Brothers. The three missionary crosses [small crosses that are on the upper left side, upper right side and top of the shield] signify the three journeys St. Francis Xavier made to the Middle East and among the islands of the Far East. The five vertical stripes, two silver and three blue, comprise the coat of arms of the Xavier family.”

Above the shield upon which the X is embossed signifies the Xaverian Brothers who conduct Xavier High School. It is a portion of the insignia of the Xaverian Brothers, depicting the crown of thorns, the flaming heart of Christ, the name of Jesus, the three nails, the reed, the sponge, and the lance of the passion.”

And finally, built into the shield containing the X at the top is what “symbolizes the Castle of Norwich, emblem of the Diocese of Norwich whose bishops, priests and people worked so zealously to make Xavier a reality.”

In talking to freshmen, Principal Donohue includes that the castle represents strength, protection and permanence. He also says the St. Francis Xavier portion also represents where the Xaverian Brothers “get their core values of humility, trust, zeal, compassion and simplicity.”