The Xaverian Charism: Spiritual Values


The spiritual values of the Xaverian Charism are listed inside the Student Handbook & Calendar, and banners hang in the dining hall. All freshmen take a religion course in which “the spiritual values of the Xaverian Charism are highlighted throughout the course in the retelling of the Biblical stories.”

Humility allows all members of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School to accept and affirm their giftedness as well as to acknowledge the giftedness of others. Likewise, humility enables one to accept personal limitations in oneself and others. Humility inspires a sense of connectedness, not only within the community, but beyond. Humility is not a passive attitude, but an attitude leading to action – and that action is service.

Trust is the meeting place of mind and heart, faith and courage. Trust in God forged the Xaverian charism as the Brothers learned to respond in faith and courage to the enormous difficulties encountered in establishing their first schools. It is the spirit of the Lord who encourages, enlightens and inspires all believers especially those engaged in the demanding mission of evangelization and the ministry of educating and forming young people.

Zeal is traditionally used among Xaverian Brothers to mean the single-minded devotion to, the ardent enthusiasm for, and the intense drive to fulfill the Church’s ministry of education. The Founder’s zeal for the Church’s work of evangelization formed the spirit and charism that the Xaverian Brothers have transmitted to their sponsored schools.

Compassion as exemplified in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, calls for the openness necessary to let oneself be touched by another’s life and the courage to reach out in loving service to others. Compassion is the eyes, the ears and hands of Christian charity. It is the heart seeking action. Compassion leads one to a lifestyle rooted in mercy and forgiveness.

Simplicity is another aspect of the Xaverian charism and is rooted in humility, trust of God, zeal for the Church’s ministry of education and compassion. Simplicity frees the heart, mind, and the soul for the work of evangelization. A Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School community applies the value of simplicity in all decisions related to the life and mission of the school so that inclusivity of all persons and outreach to the poor and marginalized is upheld.